“O's Island”

12 young adults with limited survival skills and training, are camped in a beach house in a private island and confronted with a number
of survival challenges, to test their skills, perseverance and adaptability.

Registration Fee N 5000

GRAND PRIZE: A Brand New Car + N1,000,000 (Movie Acting Deal)

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The show has begun with a search for the 12 beach housemates. Interested persons are to register. Upon payment of the stipulated registration fee, contestant would be given a personal code, upon which contestant would be allowed to audition. Applicants would be scrutinized based on intellect, survival instincts, skills, health and emotional requirements.
Shortlisted applicant would be contacted and a further screening carried out, until the 12 finalist are selected. The live show would last for 30days and it's to be hosted by a renowned media personality, to be addressed as provost Marshall. His sole responsibly is to provide the contestants with survival challenges, and assess their daily performance.

Safety of the cast and crew is our topmost priority. Amongst the crew to be stationed 24 hours at the beach house are; standby Medical Doctors, a combined security team drawn from the Navy, Marine/mobile Police and Private security (Bouncers).

In addition, the 12 beach mates would be insured comprehensively before commencement of the show. O's Island is a revolution in reality show ideas

Adventure Beckons! Prepare for Fun!.

CALL FOR QUESTIONS 0818 680 2016